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Chapter 21: "We sat down at Reidel’s outdoor shoe shine parlour. Reidel was African-American with skin that glistened like it was covered with Vaseline. He was still making a buck at sixty-six working for those who still had the ego to have their shoes polished in public. "



Chapter 4: "On the way you are going to trip out on a cat staring at a window and bird footprints in the sand. "

DJ is

Chapter 4: That is what the DJ did. He was like a conductor ploughing emotions through us with the beat of his musical knowledge; one instant everything was calm, dreamy, melancholic and then BANG the rhythm accelerated until you were sure you could take no more and you gesticulated your limbs like you never thought possible.

Cover ~ 1

Chapter 13: There I am, life-turn number thirty-nine, staring at the toothpick girl. I’m still riding the wave of the pussy turns and I am thinking “Ya I want to bang her.”


Buckyball chapter 2: "The swell of anticipation for the night ahead was unbearable. We were confident we would see God’s brother. Five of us were going to try E together in the biggest, coolest, most hip club in South Beach, the Miamillennium. "

Cigarette Girl

Chapter 20: Louise Russel, an art student who worked as an old fashioned cigarette girl selling gum, band aids and tobacco in the various South Beach night clubs.

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