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chapter 12 : John and I didn’t understand at the time how we could have the memories of the past life-turns and not the scars. For example, at life-turn number eighteen we got tattoos on our shoulders. They were not there in the next life-turn but we could remember them. You think I am old and senile. The whole thing would have screwed up your mind for sure; I have seen that in the way you hold your coffee mug.


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Fan Chill

Chapter 20 : The commotion was taking place in a second floor public lounge where black fake-leathered sofas where ravers could chill lined a wall. That’s when I saw the biggest punk having what I presumed was an epileptic seizure but it was the baseball shot to the head that had wrecked havoc on his eardrum. I did not know the implication of such an event at the time but I do now.

Buckyball Cover before software tweaks.

No quotes for this photo. I've been saving it for my first subscriber. Thanks missindependant. This is the picture I used for the cover of Buckyball. it' flipped upside down and heavily sifted through software.

Download or Read Buckyball, click bellow on BUCKYBALLNOVEL4FBKindle


Lick my toes.

Chapter 7 : Savannah and I had just seen a movie and we were walking on the beach barefoot, letting the ocean lick our toes when the belly button sensation came back. I tried to squeeze Savannah's hand to take her with me but to no avail. Everything went black and you will not believe it but I was back on the Miamillennium dance floor. No lie. Now I’m talking about almost five months erased.

hoberman dude part 2

Around us, the revellers were jumping up and down like out-of-sync pistons with the implosion of the rhythmic beat. We saw the same white underwear flipping to and fro as the gyroscope spun above our heads. The thick slick haired Hoberman–sphere-holding-guy was near us expanding a universe between his fingers while a friend stared as if he was seeing the big bang and big crush at once. Michelle was grinding with Charlotte in a dancing twosome. In a flash we had scanned the whole place and in a heartbeat we had established the fact that it was still Saturday the 11th of June 2005.