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Moonlight Rib

Chapter 31: . I always thought I was strong and healthy enough that I could tackle any sport with a degree of competence but cliff climbing bruised that ego. Even though he took me on the baby runs I felt weak as my legs shook and my fingernails broke on the rock face from my zealousness to succeed. After two months of body climbing conditioning, I was able to ascend such runs as the Needles’ Moonlight Rib and Doody Direct.


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. I looked quickly up and down the street to find John but was distracted by the shoeshine glitter of well-waxed automobiles parading down the strip among a swarm of revellers that were making their way home or to some after-hours club. It was Gucci meets the gutter as a svelte woman hunched over and threw up on the side of the street.

Flash in the pan.

Chapter 25 --In quest of the ultimate footage, the kid went right up to the passenger window and filmed what would be even stranger footage than the shooting of Hesus and Maria—Malvin sitting in his car and listening to techno music. This might have been loony-bin-crazy-for-the-masses watching at home but it was perplexing to me for another reason.

after hours youth

It was a youthful invincible time and it was a Saturday night.


The Miamillennium was the biggest club on the beach and it was still too small.

vantage point no more

chapter 10 -- We even flew some girls to Italy once. Life-turn number twenty-seven. John had an insatiable appetite like he knew he’d wind up with Michelle the moment it all ended. Those were the glorious turns. The innocent turns. The ignorant turns. If something appears too good to be true, than it is. We didn’t heed the first sign.