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floating on air

Chapter 29 -- I dropped him. I really would have enjoyed holding him upside down as he begged for his life while he told me everything I wanted to know but he was too damn heavy. He clutched at the air on his way down but in the end he hit the hood of a vintage Karmann Ghia that was parked on the lawn. He also broke a model’s arm that was leaning against the car for a photo shoot.



One late October evening, Savannah and I had just seen a movie and we were walking on the beach barefoot, letting the ocean lick our toes when the belly button sensation came back. I tried to squeeze Savannah's hand to take her with me but to no avail. Everything went black and you will not believe it but I was back on the Miamillennium dance floor. No lie. Now I’m talking about almost five months erased.