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chapter 12 : John and I didn’t understand at the time how we could have the memories of the past life-turns and not the scars. For example, at life-turn number eighteen we got tattoos on our shoulders. They were not there in the next life-turn but we could remember them. You think I am old and senile. The whole thing would have screwed up your mind for sure; I have seen that in the way you hold your coffee mug.


Fan Chill

Chapter 20 : The commotion was taking place in a second floor public lounge where black fake-leathered sofas where ravers could chill lined a wall. That’s when I saw the biggest punk having what I presumed was an epileptic seizure but it was the baseball shot to the head that had wrecked havoc on his eardrum. I did not know the implication of such an event at the time but I do now.


The DJ booth hung above the dance floor like a flying saucer. It was made entirely of glass with its metal framework exposed and was the centerpiece of the club, accessible by a retractable ramp on the third floor. An impressive stainless steel hydraulic cylinder moved it up and down from the height of the fourth floor all the way down to about twelve feet off the dance floor.